Computational Hybrid Soft Materials Laboratory

About the Lab

Our research program develops multiscale methods, models and characterization tools to enable the design, conception and prediction of novel soft and biomolecular materials of specific structure and morphology. High fidelity models enable the design of materials with controllable kinetic, thermodynamic, transport and mechanical properties. The products from our program can be used to guide the design of experimental systems in medicine, energy, electronics and sustainability.


We have an opening for a graduate student interested in pursuing Doctoral research in Biomolecular Materials supported by development of computational models and methods. Prior experience in C/C++/Python is desirable but not necessary. The position is available from Fall 2022. We are always looking for graduate students interested in doing M.S. thesis research and Undergraduate students with a love for science and an appreciation for dark, cynical humor.
If interested please email the PI at along with your CV and a short statement of your research interests, and maybe a terrible joke or two.